How we Value your little Treasures

At Knowledge Preschool

Knowledge Preschool provides a warm and loving environment for your child’s mind to grow. With emphasis on a well-rounded curriculum that includes:


Social Interactions



Social Studies



KPS views each student as a unique individual, who brings his/her own distinctive experience.  Our goal is to build on this, so that each child acquires new knowledge.

Our goal is that students will:

Interactive Curriculum

Advance in reading, writing, language skills, mathematics, science, logic/problem solving and social studies.

Self Improvement

Develop creativity, curiosity, and self-esteem.

Motor Skills

Strengthen and refine small and large motor skills.

Self Control

Gain / Improve Self Control

Special Days

Celebrate Special Days


Learn to value a wide variety of fictional and non-fictional books.

Special Programs

Use music and rhythm, dramatic play, and creative art as vehicles of self-expression.

Social Skills

Acquire social skills and learn to be responsible, share, resolve conflicts, develop spoken language and leadership.


Grow in own cultural identity and appreciate other cultures.

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