Parents of Alexander and Isabella

Our son Alexander was at Knowledge Preschool from the age of 2.5 yrs. to 6.5. We felt so compelled about the teaching, the knowledge and the discipline he acquired during his preschool that we left him after-hours all throughout Kindergarten and added our Daughter Isabella as well, who was originally at a different preschool/day-care.

Ms Rosemary was very patient and kind. She and her aids worked very hard so our children could learn good manners as well as interact freely with other children their age and adults, in a caring and thoughtful way. While this was a preschool the academic level that Alexander and Isabella achieved was clearly above standards as by the time they came out of preschool, we felt they were ready to tackle first grade, at least academically!  They still remember today (now they are 9 year old) most of the interesting facts they learned about history and geography through games at Knowledge Preschool.We are very grateful to have had the opportunity to enroll our children and Knowledge Preschool in a smaller, more focused environment, and see them grow from toddlers to well mannered school-age kids.

Delhy & Joaquin

Parents of Sanjoli:

Our daughter Sanjoli was at knowledge preschool from the age of 3.5 yrs to 4.5 and we feel really lucky to have had Ms Rosemary as her teacher. At that tender age I felt Sanjoli needed one on one attention to make her feel confident in herself. For example she had a very tough time adjust to a regular kindergarten school as she missed the affection and warmth from Ms Rosemary and she was just one of the twenty students in her class. When kids are in preschool they do want approval from grownups,.. compliments, reassurance, and the freedom to be themselves in the presence of adults. I am very thankful for the emotional nourishment she received from the environment at knowledge preschool. It was a small, cozy group of kids who knew each other well.

Ms Rosemarie’s practice worksheets are unique and working on them each day helped Sanjoli build a solid foundation in math and english. This helped her get a head start at school. In science Sanjoli still learns the same concepts in 2nd grade at school that Ms Rsoemarie used to introduce to kids at story time but of course with more details now. Another very important outcome was imbibing good habits and manners which are constantly reinforced at knowledge preschool. thanks. Neha

Parents of Shaaketh:

Thank you for nurturing Shaaketh during his 2 1/2 yrs at Knowledge preschool.  You have beautifully carved him into a confident, loving and a wonderful kindergartner. He has taken all the fundamentals( not just the academics that you taught) and is able to apply it at in his Kindergarten and doing very well.  Academically, you have covered all what he is doing at K in challenger, so its a repetition for him, just in a different place.

Not a day passes by talking about his fun filled preschool days @ knowledge preschool. We pass by your place everyday on our way and way back to school and Shaaketh wants to drop by to say hello to all at Knowledge preschool. We will stop by one of the days this holiday season and wish you all.

I will be more than happy to refer knowledge preschool to my friends that are looking for a preschool in this neighborhood.

Thanks once again and see you sometime soon,


Parents of Sara:

She has really done well both academically and emotionally at Knowledge Preschool, and it is mainly because of the extremely warm and comfortable atmosphere at your school. …………. we have no doubt that she is learning very well at Knowledge Preschool. We really appreciate all the love and support that you have provided to Sara over the years, and we want to thank you for the same! Thanks!

Sunil & Aarti

Parents of Audrey :

I have to say sorry for keeping forgetting to tell you that Audrey will go to kindergarten on August 13.  It’s 2-year.  She has learned a lot from you and your wonderfully patient staff.  i think she is well prepared for her next step.What we would like to tell you that we appreciate very much for all you have done to to help Audrey love learning, inspire her thirst for knowledge for the last two years …

Thank you, thank you a thousand times


Dai Quach & Kim Phung

Parents of Suhaas

It has almost been 2 years since Suhaas is coming to Knowledge Preschool. I feel very sad ordering this pizza as it signifies the end of this phase for Suhaas.  Praveena and I want to sincerely thank you for all the hard work, we truly appreciate it. It is not easy to take care of 2 kids (like we do) let alone taking care of so many kids and doing such a fantastic job. I have to specially thank you and the crew for helping them finish their food every single day, it brings great joy every time we open Suhaas’s lunch box and see that there is nothing left. Thanks for everything! Best regards,

Praveena and Kalyan

Parents of Varsha- 4 year Preschool program

We love knowledge preschool especially, Miss Rosemarie she is so caring as well as she knew how to handle the kids very well. Our daughter is so shy and emotional ,after joining knowledge preschool we saw lot of changes in her and she literally came out of her shell. As of the academic skills my daughter was very much ready for the kindergarten .she also won medals in kindergarten for good at reading skills. We are very happy and satisfied that our daughter had an opportunity to have a good foundation in her early years .Not a single day passes without talking about Knowledge preschool. Thanks

Revathi & Venkat

Parent of Maya – 4-year old preschool program.

“…but she told us that she wanted to read the book by herself without our help. She sounds the words out, did some blending and I wish you could have seen the proud look on my little girl’s face, my face and my husband’s face. We were so delighted and so happy. And Maya shouted out, ‘Miss Rosemarie taught me!’

…Maya tells us about Miss Rosemarie’s travels and stories with great excitement. Our daughter is smart and very impressionable and you have made such a positive impression on her.”